We have worked on creating a sustainable, growing and proactive marine and maritime RRI community. The purpose of the GRRIP project was to deliver a practical RRI framework for implementing institutional and cultural change in marine and maritime research organisations.


The marine and maritime (M&M) sector has a high priority for the EU. However, this research sector is one of the most exposed to a risk of the loose connection between scientific research, societal actors and the environment, affecting its performance and competitiveness. Growth in Europe’s maritime economy (often referred to as the Blue Economy), has the potential to meet pressing needs for energy, food and economic growth.

Much work has been done on the concept RRI by EU projects in the 2000’s. However, the bulk of the projects relating to institutional change for RPO&RFOs have focused on one of the five keys individually. Relatively few have focused on the current Topic’s aim of Grounding RRI practices in the RPO&RFOs themselves as part of an integrated approach.

Five Research Organisations:

Achieving institutional and cultural change

GRRIP will embed sustainable RRI practices in 4 research performing organisations (RPO) and 1 dual-function RPO and research funding organisation (RPO/RFO) (total 5 RPO&RFO) in the marine and maritime sectors to achieve institutional and cultural change.


Co-develop, implement and evaluate self-tailored RRI Action Plans (AP) to enable institutional and cultural change processes for the 5 Marine and Maritime (M&M) research performing organisations and research funding organisations (RPO&RFO) to embed RRI in their governance frameworks, structures and cultures.

Establish structures to facilitate, promote and maximise real sustainable engagement with, and input from, the Quadruple Helix (QH) (industry, societal actors, policy and other RPO&RFOs)GRRIP will pay particular attention to societal actors (often referred to as citizens, public, society, civil society organisations).

Establish indicators and methodology for impartial Monitoring, Reflection and Evaluation cycles. Objective 3 will provide formative and summative Evaluation producing Cross-Fertilisation and Trans-disciplinary foresight. Objective 3 will ensure provision of evidence of societal, democratic, economic and scientific impacts of institutional changes.

Develop a Mutual Learning process across the M&M RPO&RFOs both during the institutional and cultural change project and the ongoing evaluation feedback loop cycles, using participatory methods.

Legacy: To enable more M&M RPO&RFOs to ground RRI practices through institutional and cultural changes by a) creating a practical user-friendly RRI AP framework template and guidelines, and b) launching an M&M RRI community.

Examine how an RFO can positively influence and encourage an RPO towards RRI via its funding policy and interaction. This will be explored via a case study.

Five Case Studies in 5 countries


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.