GRRIP Closing Conference: Grounding Responsible Research and Innovation Practices (GRRIP) in marine and maritime research organisations: Explorations and Determinations

The GRRIP project will hold its final conference on 1-2 December 2022.  Four research performing organisations (RPO) and one dual-function RPO and research funding organisation (RFO) in the marine and maritime sector have created and established structures and formal processes to support and promote the five dimensions of Responsible Research and Innovation: gender equality, public engagement, open access, science education, and ethics, with support from other partners in the project.

Representatives of the Quadruple Helix (higher educational institutes, private sector, government, and civil society) have been engaged in this project at various stages and in different research and innovation aspects.

We are excited to share our journey of bringing about, and informing, institutional change with you, and to learn from you and other similar RRI projects (e.g. GRACE, SuperMORRI, NewHoRRIzon, Co-Change).

The conference on 1-2 December 2022 aims to:

  • Share the journey of RRI institutionalisation: assessing RRI baseline, identifying interventions, and implementing them.
  • Exchange experiences of the challenges and opportunities in the RRI implementation activities.
  • Present the monitoring and evaluation results.
  • Provide a space to exchange ideas and practices with other Swafs projects and Quadruple Helix members.
  • Launch the Marine and Maritime RRI community.

Location: PLOCAN, Taliarte, s/n, 35214 Telde, Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), Spain (hybrid event)


  • Day 1: 9 am to 5 pm (Dublin/Lisbon/London) on 1st December 2022;
  • Day 2: 9 am to 1 pm (Dublin/Lisbon/London) on 2nd December 2022

So, join the GRRIP conference online (registration link) or in Gran Canaria.

View the agenda draft here!
Learn more about the speakers here!



Dec 01 - 02 2022


9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Gran Canaria
PLOCAN, Taliarte, s/n, 35214 Telde, Gran Canaria (Las Palmas), Spain (hybrid event)

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