Work Packages


Project Coordination, Standardisation and Methodology

Our organisational structure and decision-making, financial administration, risk management and communication efforts are managed in this work package. We are also taking care that RRI principles are followed throughout the project both in our research and within the project.


Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication

We will effectively disseminate and transfer the outputs and results of GRRIP to our key project stakeholders, wider public entities, and business and investment communities. We will also inclusively engage with the civil society on all aspects of the project.


Statement of the Art on RRI Action Plans and QH dialogue platforms

We review the State of the Art on Responsible Research and Innovation in research organizations to identify the most successful initiatives, projects and methods that have generated institutional change.


Quadruple Helix engagement

Participatory engagement including representatives from each sector of the research and innovation process in each phase of the project is essential for creating results from which all involved stakeholders can benefit. We establish a related engagement platform and appropriate guidelines to ensure effective participation.


RPO & RFO Working Groups setup, and audit and impact assessment of RRI maturity

For the effective implementation of RRI practices we need to establish the current RRI maturity level of each research organisation and the barriers and challenges that may hinder institutional change in terms of RRI.


Responsible Research and Innovation Action Plan

We design and deliver a self-tailored, individual action plan for each research organisation including institutional and cultural interventions, methods to overcome identified barriers and challenges, and appropriate communication strategies.


RRI AP Implementation & RFO/RPO case study

We continue our on-going campaigns of communication, education and training to successfully implement the RRI action plans across the organisations.


RRI Mutual Learning – Monitoring, Reflection and Evaluation

We will establish a mutual learning platform for marine and maritime research organisations.


Marine and Maritime Legacy outputs

We will create a sustainable, growing and proactive maritime and maritime RRI community based on what we learn throughout the GRRIP project and provide a practical RRI framework for implementing institutional and cultural change in the organizations.