Case Study: MaREI

Case Study: MaREI

on July 16, 2020

Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI, UCC) is a centre for renewable energy research, development and innovation centre. The centre has the expertise of a wide range of research groups and industry partners, with the shared missions of solving the main scientific, technical and socio-economic challenges across the marine and energy spaces.

MaREI has over 30 years of experience leading and participating in National, European and International research projects, and a track record of successfully delivering over two hundred commercial contracts with small to medium enterprises and multinational corporations. LIR National Ocean Test Facility houses facilities for wave simulation with a Large Survival Wave Flume and an Ocean Wave Basin together with hardware in the loop electrical rotary and linear PTO test facilities as well as materials testing equipment. The Centre has extensive experience of instrumentation and data acquisition at a number of scales from tank tests through to full scale deployment, and the own supercomputing facilities as well as suites of numerical modelling packages, both industry standard and bespoke. UCC sit on several IEC standards committees for Ocean Energy at national and international level, are Alternate Delegate to the IEA OES for Ireland and are co-founding member of The European Ocean Energy Association.

MaREI is also the coordinating partner of GRRIP Project. Thus, the activities of GRRIP have a particular importance, not only to ensure the successful implementation of the project, but also the further embedding of RRI practices at the centre and transfer of knowledge from its RRI related projects (e.g. the RRING project, Both RRING and GRRIP are led by Gordon Dalton, who was also the coordinator of the awarded BG5 Maribe project: Marine Investment in the Blue Economy.

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