How to engage with QH – Brochure

How to engage with QH – Brochure

on August 19, 2020

In GRRIP, as discussed in D3.2., the idea of the fourth helix being the “enduser” is used expansively, but the “end-user” of the services produced in GRRIP can be from any one of the four helices including researchers at academic institution. In the GRRIP project and according to SoA D3.2. QH partners/stakeholders/members (Academia, Industry, Public authorities and Civil society) are defined as those who were invited to join the GRRIP project after its inception – external stakeholders. These in-coming partners are external in two ways;

  • Firstly, in relation to the five marine and maritime organisations (i.e. not in their paid employment);
  • Secondly in relation to the GRRIP consortium (i.e. not partners from the start of the GRRIP project).

Contractors and subcontractors (of GRRIP) can also be defined as external stakeholders if they were not partners but were engaged for
some aspect of the implementation of the project activities.

The presented guidelines are part of WP4 GRRIP work and are drawn from literature review and D3.1., D3.2., T4.2.1. and T4.2.3 reports. They are intended for demo sites and any other institutions who consider to engage with different QH categories.
Main objectives of the guidelines are:

  • To provide clear set of guidelines for demo sites for the process of QH engagement
  • To indicate specific benefits for each QH category in the process of engagement with demo sites
  • To identify QH expectations and to include QH feedback in the process of responsible research and innovation practices
  • To ensure meaningful engagement between demo sites and QH facilitating creation of strong relationships that will last beyond the project duration

From the perspective of the D3.2. stakeholders or the QH types, a working QH typology is;

  1. Public authorities (Policy officers or makers, governmental organisations,
  2. Industry (SME or companies),
  3. Ademia (RPO/RFO),
  4. Citizen (Public/civil society, NGO, CSO, other societal actors)

Over the past couple of weeks we have been publishing the 6 steps which were related to the topic on “How to engage with QH” and we tried to answer the questions that were most frequently asked on how to approach and deal with your stakeholders on the right way. To download the brochure which includes all of the previous steps click on the link below

GRRIP QH_brochure