RPO&RFO Working Groups Set-up, Audit and Impact…

RPO&RFO Working Groups Set-up, Audit and Impact…

on March 9, 2020

These activities aim to establish the current RRI maturity level of each RPO&RFO as well as the barriers to institutional change. This means identifying and understanding the institutions’ RRI related policies and processes including mapping roles. In particular, it involves understanding actual practice and culture. Further, it involves assessing current interactions with the QH.

RPO&RFO Working Groups Set-up, Audit and Impact Assessment

Thus drawing on the State of Art, GRRIP has been adapting and tailoring existing templates to define an Audit plan for each RPO&RFO. This audit plan will report on each of the 5 keys (QH/CSO engagement, Gender, Ethics, Open Access and Science education). It will be split in two stages consisting of background research followed by interviews and surveys. This will allow comparison of actual practice with existing policy as well as explore awareness and attitudes to RRI. It will also help to identify barriers as well as prioritise and propose solutions.

To implement the audit process, GRRIP has established working groups at each of the case study institutions drawn from senior and middle management as well as including researcher representatives. The audits will be completed by the end of April.