Success Stories of Scientific Crowdsourcing

Success Stories of Scientific Crowdsourcing

on October 6, 2020

In her role as Associate Professor of Innovation Management at Copenhagen Business School and Scientific Director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft’s Open Innovation in Science Center in Vienna, she has an extensive record of accomplishment in both Open and Responsible Innovation. For Marion Pötz, cutting-edge research institutions and competitive companies need more collaborative approaches now more than ever.

“One player alone cannot tackle the complex challenges of the 21st century. We need collaborative action.”

Our most important insights from this interview with Marion Pötz:

  • More collaborative forms of innovation are on the rise in both the public and the private sphere.
  • However, to harness the full potential of open innovation processes, we need to establish a trustworthy and respectful stakeholder process.
  • Digital technologies can help us to hear the voices of all stakeholders involved and to see the real-life impacts we jointly create.

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Click on the time stamps to watch the respective topics:

00:00 Responsible Innovation to Solve Societal Problems

02:11 Upstream Engagement with Stakeholders

03:56 Challenges and Opportunities for Responsible Business

04:55 Crowdsourcing in the Mental Health Field

06:24 Secret Ingredients to Successful Crowdsourcing

08:16 A Trustworthy Online Environment

09:48 Expertise by Experience

11:19 AI to Measure Research Impacts on Society

12:21 Ecosystems of Open Innovation

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