Systems Savvy – Key to Responsible Innovation?

on September 6, 2020

How can companies focus on relationships between technology and organization? What kind of skills do managers need to align technological possibilities with organizational structures? Is there a window of opportunity for Responsible Innovation?

Terri Griffith talks successful managers and future-proof companies need to have systems savvy. Terri Griffith is Professor for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. She helps managers and organizations accelerate innovation and prepare for the futures of work.

“People with systems savvy understand that technologies and organizational practices are intertwined.”

My most important insights from this interview with Terri Griffith:

  • Successful managers need to think about complex, multi-dimensional processes.
  • A systems savvy approach helps them to unravel the interlinkages and trade-offs between human, technological and organizational aspects.
  • Moreover, this bird’s eye view saves resources upfront in the innovation process and helps to design digital technologies that are more inclusive.

The interview was taken prior to the outbreak of Covid-19. Therefore, social distancing measures were not implemented.

This article was taken from the Living Innovation website. To read the original source follow the link below–key-to-responsible-innovation