Shaping the future of Marine and Maritime communities Virtual Workshop – Summary Report

By Graham on September 21, 2021 in Press Release

A virtual workshop, ‘Shaping the Future of Marine and Maritime Communities’, was recently organised by UCC Civic and Community Engagement, MaREI and ERI in order to determine the challenges that marine communities face and to identify potential research and innovation activities that can help address these challenges.

The workshop, which was supported by GRRIP and CityLabs, was attended by representatives from government, industry / business, academia and civil society on June 1, 2021. The discussions were based on five topics affecting the marine and maritime sector and associated communities: (1) Marine Environment (2) Marine Energy (3) Food Security (4)  Climate action and (5) Blue Economy, Skills and Jobs.

A preliminary summary report from the workshop has been produced and made available, with a more detailed report to follow once an analysis of the workshop transcriptions is completed. The summary report includes an overview on the approach taken to the staging of the workshop, as well as feedback and potential solutions discussed from each session based in the facilitators notes.

Download Summary Report


*Image Credit: Tayla Maurici (Unsplash)*