Aligning R&I with European Society

By SalM on August 23, 2020 in News Articles

Responsible Research and Innovation is European Union’s approach for good governance research and innovation. This means respecting the highest ethical values and teaching everyone on science and research. Research should be accessible to everyone so everyone could engage and be informed. Responsible Research and Innovation ensures equal participation of women and men and integrates the gender topic into the content of research and innovation, as coping with challenges ahead is not an easy task

„We want sustainability and safety. We want privacy and security, economic growth and sustainability. We want all of those things at the same time.“ as stated by Jeroen van den Hoven, professor of Ethics and Technology, at the Delft University of Technology.

Such high standards are already leaving mark on how people are investing money. We need business to engage

„Socially responsible investing is one of the biggest change investing is faced with today. Its crucial we answer the question how we can deliver positive impact on real economy.“ As stated by Erik Breen, Manager SRI, Triodos Investment Management

We need all societal actors to engage

„Of course it will change the functioning and probably alter the way of understanding problems and discussing problems. If we want to go to whats a knowledge society this is what it is about. Use the knowledge that is widely there in society and not only restrain us to scientific knowledge.“ As stated by Claudia Neubauer, General Delegate of the Foundation pur le progres de l’homme

To make RRI a true success we need citizens to change

„I think we need to pull all the resources together. I think if more people ave the access to the data the more ideas will come out of it and the better results we will get in the end.“ Henriikka Hakkala, Magazine editor

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