GRRIP Winter Newsletter 2021 / 2022

GRRIP Winter Newsletter 2021 / 2022

on January 18, 2022

With 2022 upon us GRRIP is preparing for a hectic (and productive) final year. Work is ongoing in terms of implementing the Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) interventions that will facilitate the desired institutional change at our five Marine & Maritime case study sites – MaREI (Ireland), IUML (France), Swansea University (UK), PLOCAN (Spain), and WavEC (Portugal).

In the meantime, we’re pleased to present our Winter (2021 – 2022) GRRIP Project Newsletter. The newsletter contains:

  • Foreword by Dr. Gordon Dalton, GRRIP Project Coordinator (page 1).
  • Interview with Dr. Ayoze Castro Alonso, Head of the Innovation Unit at PLOCAN (The Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands), one of the five M&M case study sites in the GRRIP project – during the interview Dr. Alonso discusses the implementation of Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI), the importance of societal engagement and how it benefits PLOCAN as well as PLOCAN’s motivations for joining the GRRIP project (page 2).
  • Partner Profile: PLOCAN (page 3).
  • Article on ‘Democratising research and innovation’, by Dr. lndrani Mahapatra, GRRIP’s Project Manager, where she provides a summary of the workshops that are being done by the case study sites with the involvement of representatives from society, academia, business, and government (Quadruple Helix) to inform research direction and to help lobby funding bodies to consider supporting the topics identified. The article looks at how these workshops can be used to raise awareness of the need to make research relevant to local community and stakeholders of research institutions (pages 4-5).
  • Updates on various project related events and collaborations that took place during 2021 (page 6).

GRRIP Winter Newsletter 2021 – 2022