Horizon Europe: Funding Opportunities for Offshore Wind Projects in Europe

By Graham on May 10, 2021

Two H2020 projects, Twind and GRRIP are co-hosting an online Workshop titled “Horizon Europe: Funding Opportunities for Offshore Wind Projects in Europe” on Friday, May 14, 2021at 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM BST (GMT+1).

This webinar will cover the Horizon Europe call 5, Work Programme 2021-2022, Section 8, Climate, Energy and Mobility.


  1. The TWIND and GRRIP projects, WavEC Offshore Renewables
  2. Global review on Horizon Europe calls for renewable energy, Tecnalia
  3. HORIZON-CL5-2021-D3-02-12: Innovation on floating wind energy deployment optimized for deep waters and different sea basins, Tecnalia
  4. Introduction and Overview of Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence, ORE Catapult
  5. Q&A Session, Moderated by WavEC Offshore Renewables


Save your seat, register here.

GRRIP hosts joint workshop event at Triple Helix Summit

By Graham on November 26, 2020 in News Articles

GRRIP this week hosted a side-event at the Triple Helix Summit (November 24 – 26), alongside Fit4RRI and GRACE, on “Institutional change in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations – the power of RRI”.

The three sister projects each presented their vision for how the implementation of RRI practices can help drive and enhance institutional change, with a specific focus on the individual frameworks developed within each.

All three projects are funded under the H2020 Science with and for Society (SWAF) under the call “Grounding RRI practices in research and innovation funding and performing organisations”. The goal is to increase the involvement of a range of societal stakeholders in the R&I process, particularly in relation to:

  1. Citizens’ and citizens’ associations engagement in science;
  2. Formal and informal science education;
  3. Gender equality in science;
  4. Research ethics and integrity;
  5. Open access to research results.

The workshop was followed by a lively Q&A session where the discussion focused on how best to achieve change in RFPOs through RRI-related initiatives.

The Triple Helix Summit, which was due to be held in Bologna but was moved online due to COVID-19 restrictions, brought together leading figures from science, industry and politics under the motto “Designing globally connected regional innovation ecosystems”. The event focused on the challenges posed by the COVID pandemic and other pressing grand challenges and how to address them via digital and sustainable innovation.

The presentations from the side-event are linked below:

GRRIP Presentation by Dr. Elmina Homapour

GRACE Presentation by Dr. Ildiko Ipolyi

AGAUR / GRACE presentation by Mrs Aïda Saez

Fit4RRI Methodology Presentation by Dr. Adrian Solomon