GRRIP Summer Newsletter 2022

By Graham on August 30, 2022 in News Articles, Newsletter

We’re pleased to present the latest edition of the GRRIP Project Newsletter. The Summer 2022 edition contains:

  • Foreword by Alexander Gerber, Full Professor and Programme Chair of Science Communication at Germany’s international Rhine-Waal University, and Research Director at the extramural Institute for Science and Innovation Communication (page 1).
  • Interview with Dr. Ruth Callaway, Senior Research Officer, Department of Biosciences at Swansea University (pages 2-4).
  • Partner Profile: Swansea University (page 5).
  • Article by Dr. Xiaoyue Tan and Prof. Dr. Hub Zwart entitled ‘GRRIP Project – collective reflection through Mutual Learning: a continuous process’ (pages 6-7).
  • Updates on the latest project related events and collaborations (pages 8-9).


GRRIP Consortium travels to Lisbon for project AGM

By Graham on May 30, 2022 in News Articles, Press Release

GRRIP consortium members recently travelled to Lisbon to participate in the project’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and for Mutual Learning sessions.

The two-day event was the first in-person meeting to take place  in the project (after the kick off meeting in January 2019). The event was hosted by WavEC.

The event took place at the Museum of the Orient in Lisbon, Portugal, and was designed to be hybrid so that consortium members and participants unable to attend in person could join online.

The AGM was held on Tuesday, May 24. It featured updates on Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) implementation pertaining to Work Package 7 from Ana Brito e Melo (WavEC), Ruth Callaway (Swansea University), Franck Schoefs (IUML), Silvia Martin (PLOCAN) and Jeremy Gault (MaREI).

It also included an update on monitoring of activities with regard to RRI implementation in the five M&M organisations from Malcom Fisk of De Montfort University and a presentation on the path forward for Deliverable 7.2 by ICORSA’s Eric Jensen.

The remainder of the AGM covered reflection and evaluation of Quadruple Helix (QH) engagement under Work Package 4 by Alex Gerber and Xiaoyue Tan (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and an update on RRI evaluation under Work Package 8, again by Xiaoyue Tan.

UNESCO’S Juliana Chaves-Chaparro, along with Patrizia Grifoni and Fernando Ferri of the National Research Council (Italy) presented their findings and discussed the model proposed for creating a Sustainable Marine & Maritime Community under Work Package 9.

Project Dissemination & Communications Officer Graham Lynch (University College Cork) presented updates on Work Package 2 progress to date as well as planned upcoming activities, before Project Coordinator Gordon Dalton (PLOCAN) brought proceedings to a close with his summary of Project Coordination, Standardisation and Methodology activities under Work Package 1.

Following the AGM, the group attended the offices of WavEC for a tour of the office, where consortium members met with staff and posed for a group photo.

The following day, Wednesday, May 25, the consortium members again met at the Museum of the Orient for the days scheduled Mutual Learning sessions. The event was also attended by GRRIP members virtually along with representatives from a number of other EU funded RRI focused projects.

Topics covered over the course of the session included “Reflections on QH engagement: a mutual learning dialogue” and “Sharing experiences and lessons learned from project implementation” both of which were facilitated by Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Hub Zwart.

A session entitled “Experiences and learnings of RRI implementation with other EU funded projects” sparked a wide-ranging conversation on the merits of RRI, the biggest obstacles faced and the path forward for successful integration of RRI principles in institutions. The session included contributions from Peter Biegelbauer, Mila Grahovac, Lalic Branislava, Erich Griessler, Alexander Gerber, and Penny Haworth: representatives of RRI focused projects Co-Change, NewHoRRIzon, and NUCLEUS. The session was moderated by Indrani Mahapatra, GRRIP’s Project Manager.

The day concluded with a detailed discussion of the potential creation of a sustainable and proactive Marine & Maritime Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) community within the MARINA platform.

The GRRIP Project would like to sincerely thank WavEC for hosting the consortium in what turned out to be an extremely well-run event. The GRRIP Project now moves forward into its final stages with a completion date of December 2022.

Download: GRRIP AGM Press Release